Velocity Exercise Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

This recumbent bike has a lot of features you’ll appreciate when you’re riding it.  It is durable and has plenty to offer anyone looking to work out and lose weight.  If you want a challenge, you can set the resistance levels to help you accomplish all of your workout goals.

You can strap your feet into the pedals to ensure your feet don’t slip off while you’re riding.  If you want to get into shape while in a comfortable position, this is the bike you’ll appreciate.  The seat has a recumbent position to allow you to sit back and relax.

Padded Seat

The extra thick padded seat is ideal for anyone who finds regular seats uncomfortable.  The side bolsters and lumbar support to provide a comfortable and relaxing exercise.  The oversized pedals have foot straps to ensure your feet don’t slip off the pedals.

It’s the most comfortable way to exercise and lose weight.  If you don’t like how uncomfortable some bikes are, this is the bike you’ll love and enjoy.


You can adjust the chair and resistance to help you find a comfortable position to maximize your workout.  The resistance levels are easy to adjust so you can work out efficiently and safely. The heavy duty flywheel provides a comfortable rotation while you’re pedaling to keep you comfortable.

It’s ideal for anyone suffering any back or joint pain.  You’ll be impressed with how the bike works to give you a comfortable exercise.

Control System

The drum magnetic control system provides one of the most comfortable and relaxing workouts available.  You’ll be able to work out efficiently to hit all of your fitness goals.  The double sealed bearing keeps the bike quiet while you’re pedaling away the excess pounds.  It’s the ideal way to stay focused on your routine, instead of a grinding flywheel.

Velocity Exercise Recumbent Exercise Bike


The wheels on the front of the bike makes it easy to move the bike from one room to another.  You’ll be able to lift it by yourself and move it when it’s time to change scenery.  If you don’t like the view, you can put the bike by a window and have a new view.  If you need the extra space for guests, the bike stores away easily to give you more room.


The large LCD display has a dual color backlight.  It makes it easy to read all the information to ensure you have the information you need to hit your fitness goals.  You can see everything you need on the display to help you hit your fitness goals.  It’s the ideal way to stay on track and ensure you can get into shape.  If you need the motivation, this bike will help you accomplish everything you need.

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  • Big seat and backrest
  • Seat adjusts easily
  • Blue lit screen is easy to read


  • Manual is hard to read

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the bike need a battery?

A: No, it doesn’t.  You just plug it into the wall.

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Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a comfortable bike to work out and get into shape, this is the bike for you.  You’ll be able to hit all of your fitness goals with this bike.  It has not gotten a lot of great reviews from buyers, so it is concerning.

It is a small size of people who have responded to the reviews, but it is concerning.  If you’re unsure about the bike, it may be better to go with a different product.  It does have a lot to offer, and you will lose weight if you want to use it daily.

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