Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike Review

This bike is a basic recumbent bike that displays all the information you need to help you hit your fitness goals.  It’s an excellent bike for anyone who doesn’t have too much exercise experience. You’ll be able to read the information you need to help you stay on your workout regimen.

It has everything someone would need to start exercising and getting into shape. You won’t have to worry about too many fancy gadgets on this bike. It’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to spend extra money on accessories.

LCD Windows

The LCD windows are easy to read.  There are two different windows that will display all the information you need.  You can view up to 13 different work out details to help you accomplish your goals.  It’s ideal for anyone who wants track their progress on the bike.  You won’t have to worry about not staying on track of your exercises.

Online Progress

You can upload all the information about your workouts online to keep track of everything you’re doing.  The charging USB port allows you to hook up your smartphone directly to the bike.  You can pull up the information from there and then upload it online.  It’s the ideal way to view your progress and see how far you’ve come since you started.


There are 22 programs preset into the bike to help you personalize and customize your workout.  It has 20 levels of resistance to help you hit your target weight in no time.  You can have up to two different user profiles on the bike, allowing each one to personalize their workout.  It’s the best way to ensure each person can hit their fitness goals.

Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike


The speakers provide an excellent acoustic sound for your workouts.  If you don’t like using earphones while you’re working out, the speakers are a blessing.  You can plug your smartphone into the USB port and find your favorite playlist.  It’s a great way to stay focused on your exercises, especially when the music keeps you focused on your workout.

Heart Rate

The grip heart rate monitor lets you see how your heart health is doing.  It’s ideal for anyone who may be concerned their heart rate is too much.  A lot of people can injure themselves if they don’t focus on their heart rate.  It’s ideal for anyone who suffers from chest pain or have cardio issues.  You won’t have to worry about overexerting yourself with the heart rate monitor.

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  • Excellent quality
  • It’s quiet when you pedal
  • Easy to use


  • Side handles are thick

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need an electric adapter?

A: No, it is included with the bike

Q: Does the LCD have a backlight?

A: No, it does not, which can be disappointing.

Q: How is the resistance on the lowest level setting?

A: The lowest level setting doesn’t provide much resistance at all.

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Final Verdict

If you’re trying to get into shape, but are unsure about which bike to get, this is the one for you. It is simple and straightforward, which is ideal for any beginner. If you suffer from joint pain, this bike will make it easy on your knees.

While the handlebars are thicker than some people are used to, it is still a good bike. You’ll be able to get into shape and create your own workout regimen to help you lose weight. It has everything you need to get going and start getting on track to getting healthy.

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