Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike Review

The Marcy Foldable Bike gives you the benefits of a strenuous home workout without having to sacrifice extra living space at the same time. The magnetic resistance element provides you with a smooth ride that works to burn calories and strengthen your muscles each time you take a ride. After finishing your workout, the bike easily folds up so that you can store it away underneath your bed or in a storage closet when it is not in use. The bike provides you with a level of comfort and versatility you would not expect from a stationary bike.

Features of the Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

Each of the features present on this bike work to enhance your workout experience while keeping you comfortable at the same time. Our team tested this bike for several hours so that we can provide the following list of features to help with your purchase decision.

Compact Design

One of the most attractive features of this bike is its ability to fold up and easily store away in a separate location when not in use. The compact design element does not interfere with the level of quality that you receive when opening the bike in preparation for a workout. That design also works to give the bike a unique cardio style appearance that does not detract from the surrounding decor of any room in your home.

Monitoring System

You need to have a bike that tracks your progress from one workout to the next so that you know if slight changes are necessary to achieve the results you desire. The bike highlights this element by providing a computer monitoring system in the center console, between the handlebars. You can track the distance that you travel, how fast you travel and the total time you spend working out. The computer system also allows you to keep an eye on the number of calories that you burn so you know whether or not the workout session is effective.

Resistance Training

You can treat the indoor bike workout in the same manner as an outdoor workout with the resistance training feature on this bike. There are resistance settings that simulate mountain terrains and then easily allow you to switch to a flat road setting at the touch of a button. Having the ability to switch between resistance settings keeps you from losing interest in your workouts. It energizes you to keep the bike riding workout as part of your daily routine.Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike Review

Sturdy Construction

One thing you look for when riding a bike is the ability to have a safe, sturdy ride regardless of how hard you hit the pedals. The bike does not disappoint and stands ready to handle the force of any pedal strength you place on the bike. There is 14 gauge steel running through the central area of the bike that gives it the strength necessary to help you have the type of workout you desire.

Seat Presentation

When looking to purchase an exercise bike, you want a seat that makes riding a breeze. The bike does not disappoint in this area as it gives you a padding that can feel like you are riding on air at times. You can easily adjust the seat to match your personal height, which works to give you a more comfortable bike ride. The bike provides the option for you to easily switch out the seat for one that you prefer and that works to enhance your workout instead of detract from that workout.

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  • Handlebar padding allows for a firm grip
  • Easy to use computer system
  • Affordable price


  • Pedal straps may malfunction
  • LCD screen can be difficult to read
  • May be uncomfortable for certain height levels

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the height requirements for this bike?

The maximum height that allows for a comfortable ride is approximately six feet tall.

2. What are the weight restrictions for this bike?

For this bike to operate in a safe manner, riders should weigh 250 pounds or less

3. What are the dimensions of this bike when you fold it up?

When you fold up this bike for storage, it measures 18 inches wide by 18 inches high.

The Final Verdict

The Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike is an ideal exercise option when you live in a smaller space, such as a studio apartment or condo. You will even find the foldable capability to be a tremendous benefit when you live in a spacious house. Its streamline performance ability gives you a smooth ride without sacrificing the resistance necessary for a high-intensity workout. Our review team highly recommends this bike as part of your home workout routine.

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