FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar Review

Exercising on a recumbent bike is an excellent way to get into shape.  If you love to work and get your exercise in at the same time, this is the bike for you.  You’ll be able to complete all your projects and get in better shape with this bike.  It’s comfortable and fully functional to help you achieve all of your goals.  Everyone wants to save time for things they want to do, and this recumbent bike will help you crush all of your projects.  It’s a great way to stay fit and help you meet your deadlines.


The durability of this bike is ideal for anyone who appreciates having gym equipment last them a long time.  The high quality gearbox protects the components to give you years of reliable operation.  You won’t have to worry about asking for a new bike every Christmas.  While some bikes fail to live up to the rigors of exercise, you’ll be able to use this one for a long time.


The bike is quieter than others, even when you’re using it to the max.  The twin belts prevent noise from the flywheel while you’re pedaling.  The high velocity flywheel is quiet, and has a smooth operation.  It’s ideal if you don’t like having a lot of noise coming from the bike when you’re using it.  You’ll be able to focus on hitting the next level of your cardio with this bike.


The unique design of the bike allows you to focus on your work to help you get more done.  If you have a deadline to meet, you can pull the desk out.  The desk has a non-slip surface, so even when you’re in motion, your papers will stay put.  There is a drawer you can keep papers when you need to refer back to something.  The massage rollers allow you to type while you’re on the bike, making it an efficient and productive machine.FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar Review

Keep Track

The digital resistance monitor is a great way to see how your exercise is going.  You’ll be able to see your mileage, calories, time and other features.  If you have a fitness goal in mind, you can track the data to help motivate yourself.  It’s ideal for anyone who can’t find the extra time to exercise, leaving you without an excuse.  It’s an excellent way to remain accountable for your work and health.


The seat moves to provide you a comfortable workout position.  You can set the seat so you can move closer or further away from the desk to help you finish your work.  You can position the seat so you’re sitting straight up, or put it into a semi-recumbent position.  If you’re on the bike and need to finish a project, the seat will help you stay focused.  When you’re done, you can relax and set the seat back to help you cool down.

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  • Compact steel frame
  • Sliding desk drawer
  • Easy to store


  • The tray is narrow

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you have an intense workout?

Yes, you can, depending on how hard you want to push yourself.

2. Is it comfortable for someone 5 feet tall?

Yes, it is.

3.  Can I take the desk off?

It doesn’t come off, but it won’t get in the way of your exercise.

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Final Verdict

If you’re a person who loves to multitask, this is the right bike for you.  You’ll be able to finish all of your work, and get your exercise in with this bike.  There’s no better way to get more done in less time.  You’ll be able to secure the promotion at work, while keeping up with your health.  The durability of the machine is also excellent for anyone who doesn’t want to spend money on a new bike every year.  Overall, most people will love it, as it received a 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, making it a great product.

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