Exerpeutic 1000 High Capacity Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review

The way this bike looks ensures you’ll be comfortable while exercising.  It allows you to lean back, taking pressure off of your back.  It’s ideal for anyone who may need a bike that will help them out and reduce risk of injury.  You’ll be able to get an effective workout with this recumbent bike, especially when you want to push yourself to your limit. The larger pedal design is ideal for anyone who wears large sneakers, and it will keep your feet glued to the pedals.  Here are some benefits of the bike to help you narrow down your decision.


The “Step Thru” design of the bike allows you to get on and off the bike easily.  You won’t have to worry about the bike being too high or low for the pedals.  You can relax and get your workout done in no time with the design.  It’s so comfortable, you’ll forget that you even worked out.  The wider seat is a great way to measure how effective the bike is working for you.

Extended Leg Stabilizers

The leg stabilizers are extended to keep your legs working in proper order.  You don’t have the risk of injury with this bike, as you will with other bikes.  The bike is able to stay in place while you’re riding.  The bike has a reduced movement and it won’t tip over, even as you’re climbing in and out of it.  You’ll be able to pedal as hard as you want to help you lose weight and burn calories.

Exerpeutic 1000 High Capacity Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review


The bike has transportation wheels to help you move it around.  If you want to move it from one to another, you can lift it easily and wheel it around.  It’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of space in their homes, or just like to rearrange.  Since you don’t need an extra pair of hands to help you out, you can get some extra exercise.

Large LCD Display

The large LCD display helps you keep track of your exercises.  You’ll be able to see how far you’ve gone, how many calories you’ve burned, and your speed.  It’s a great way to keep track of how effectively you’re exercising.  It will record your heart rate as well, letting you know how your blood pressure is doing.  You can aim for the target heart rate zone with the monitor.

Smooth Flywheel

The flywheel has a smooth motion so you’re not overexerting yourself while you’re working out.  The flywheel is quieter than other bikes, which allows you to focus on your workout.  You’ll be able to stay in a consistent motion, which leads to a more effective exercise.  It’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to pull a muscle while peddling.

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  • It is quiet and comfortable
  • It is durable
  • Eight levels of resistance


  • The bike needs to be assembled

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the seat adjustable?

The seat can adjust to ten different positions

2. Is the bike quiet?

Yes, and the flywheel is smooth, as well.

3. Where is the pulse monitor located?

The heart rate is on the handlebar.

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Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a recumbent bike that provides an efficient workout, this is the bike you’ll want.  It’s inexpensive, and the fact you can move it around justifies purchasing it.  You won’t have to worry about the bike breaking down, or your workout becoming too tough.  You can set the resistance levels to a position you feel comfortable doing.  You’ll lose the weight you want and be able to do everything you need.  It received 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, making it one of the best recumbent bikes on the market.

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